What Costs Can You Anticipate When Embarking on a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

The kitchen is slowly becoming the heartbeat of every home. Once relegated to being an area solely dedicated to preparing food, homeowners are now revitalizing their kitchens into spaces for amazing dining, socializing, and entertaining.

Executing a great kitchen remodel can not only transform your space, it can also add significant value to your home. That’s why so many homeowners in the Los Angeles are looking to develop what they have, rather than moving on to another property. However, these home renovation projects do require significant capital to complete.

But how much exactly? What can you expect to spend on a kitchen remodel in LA?

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Los Angeles

The average cost for a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles is $30,000. That does not mean every kitchen remodel costs this much. Well-thought out projects that require very little structural work can come in at just under the $20,000 mark. On the other hand, expansive redesigns in Bel Air can easily top $50,000.

The biggest determinant on your costs will be how many items you are changing. The more that remains the same (or similar), the less your overall spend is likely to be. According to recent data, LA homeowners broke their costs down into the following categories:

  • Cabinetry & Hardware: 29%
  • Installation: 17%
  • Appliances & Ventilation: 14%
  • Countertops: 10%
  • Flooring: 7%
  • Walls & Ceilings: 5%
  • Lighting: 5%
  • Design Fees: 4%
  • Doors & Windows: 4%
  • Faucets & Plumbing: 4%
  • Other: 1%


Obviously, some of those items listed above may not apply to your proposed renovations. This breakdown may help you to prioritize what you feel would make the biggest impact for your kitchen remodel without completely compromising your budget.

The two biggest factors that will go into your overall expenditure are probably the material and labor costs involved in a kitchen remodel. So let’s break those down, starting with the materials.

Kitchen Material Costs in Los Angeles

By making shrewd choices with your materials, you can incur some serious savings whilst still creating the look and finish you desire. As we are about to demonstrate, different material choices made for flooring, cabinets and countertops can result in two similar remodels ending up with wildly-differing total budgets.


At the value end of the price scale are vinyl and ceramic tile, which will set you back roughly $1-$4 per square foot. Laminate floors are slightly more expensive – topping out at $5 – whilst carpet has a much wider $1-$10 range. For those of you looking to install more premium flooring options, Bamboo comes in at $2-$7, whilst solid hardwood floors can go up to an eye-watering $25 per square foot.


Off-the-shelf options for kitchen cabinets will set you back around about $1000 each, whilst base units will be in the $250-$400 range. Tall kitchen cabinets are slightly more expensive. Usually settling somewhere in between $300 and $500. Due the size of shape of most kitchens, many homeowners opt for a full set of custom-built cabinets, will can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $40,000, depending on how many you need and their individual specifications.


Perhaps the area of the kitchen that will offer you the most choice, countertops can cost anywhere from $1 per square foot for ceramic, right up to $250 for onyx. There are far too many options to cover in detail but here is a list of the most popular selections along with their price estimates per square foot:
  • Laminate ($25 – $36)
  • Granite ($34 – $75)
  • Marble ($40 – $100)
  • Terrazzo ($47 – $98)
  • Quartz ($60 – $115)
  • Glass ($75 – $106)
  • Copper ($90 – $140)

Once you’ve made your decisions with regards to materials, you need to consider the labor costs that go into a project of this nature.

Kitchen Remodel Labor Costs in Los Angeles

If those prices seem a little crazy to you, don’t panic. Your outlay on materials will take up the majority of your total budget. In fact, they usually take up to 60%-70% of your costs, with the remaining costs made up of labor and other miscellaneous expenses.

If we take the average figure of $30,000 for a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles, you could reasonably expect that labor will account for $9,000-$12,000 of that total price. There will be small city-wide variances, but any contractor quoting significantly above those figures should be avoided. Make sure you get several quotes to get a better understanding of your local market

Other Cost Factors to Consider for Kitchen Remodels Taking Place in Los Angeles

As we’ve explained, materials and labor will take up the majority of your budget. However, there are other important costs factors that you need to consider before embarking on a project of this size and scale.

1. Size of your kitchen

By now you’ll be aware that most materials are priced by square footage. Therefore, it almost goes without saying that the size of your kitchen will have a big influence on the total costs. The larger the kitchen, the larger the costs are likely to be. If you have a particularly large kitchen, you may be able to still transform the space by only renovating a small part of it.

2. Location

There’s a reason why kitchen remodels in Bel Air are the most expensive in Los Angeles! Location can have a huge bearing on your costs. More affluent areas will always command higher labor costs. It’s also a good idea to check out what those on your street are spending on kitchen remodels, since you don’t want to price yourself out of the resale market by installing a lavish kitchen.

3. Future Plans

Speaking of selling, unless you are planning to stay in your current home for several decades, there’s no point significantly outspending your neighbors or other occupants in close proximity. This is because kitchen remodels don’t provide a 100% return on investment. If you’re looking to remodel in order to increase value and sell, limit your spend to 15% of your home’s total value.

4. Contingency Funds

As with any largescale home renovations, things do occasionally go wrong. If you don’t set aside at least 10% of your overall budget for unexpected costs, then you may end up in a situation where your project becomes delayed or stops altogether until you can find the necessary funds to carry on.

5. Trends

It can be easy to buy into a kitchen trend that’s hot today, but gone tomorrow. A huge factor on your overall return on investment is how long it takes for your new kitchen to look dated or out of place. Think about trends that are going to be here to stay, such as using eco-friendly materials or energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

Get Expert Help with Your Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel

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