Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinets

What does pre-fabricated (or prefab) cabinets really mean?

Pre-fabricated (or “prefab”) cabinets are essentially pre-made cabinets that are always ready to be installed. These days, you can select prefab cabinetry that looks as if it has been custom built. These cabinets are typically more affordable than custom cabinets and can be installed in a shorter period of time. If you are looking to have a swift construction process, then prefab cabinets will be your best option.

Why would someone choose to order custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets are fully customized cabinets to display a desired style, have appropriate storage capabilities and hand-picked finishes. Custom cabinets can be created to fit even the smallest kitchen areas.

When designing your fully custom kitchen cabinetry, you’ll have endless options for wood, style, and finish so that your personal style may shine through.

What are shaker cabinets?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular cabinets on the market! Shaker style cabinets are defined by their five-piece door with a recessed center panel. 

If you’re looking for cabinetry that can fit into any style, whether it be modern or traditional, this might be the style of cabinets for you. Shaker doors are simple in design, with just enough detail in the recessed panel to catch your eye. This form of cabinet is known to be timeless and low maintenance with a wide array of colors. 

What are solid wood cabinets?

Much like its name describes, these pieces of cabinetry are entirely made of wood. This is an eco-friendly option of cabinetry that has plenty of opportunities for customization.

Since wood is a flexible organic material, it is easy to carve and mold into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Wood cabinets typically have a higher price tag due to the cost of materials and durability of the cabinet. If you’re in the market for

something stylish, but extremely durable and long lasting, solid-wood cabinets would be your match.

There are many different kinds of wood you can use to design your solid-wood cabinets. Here are the natural characteristics to look for in a natural hardwood cabinet:

  • Bird Pecks

    Small marks in the grain pattern caused by pecking birds

  • Burl

    A swirl or twist in the grain of the wood that does not contain a knot

  • Sound Knot

    A knot solid across its face, which shows no sign of decay

  • Unsound Knot

    A circular area that once formed the base of a branch or twig

  • Wormholes

    Holes in the wood ranging in size to a maximum of 1/16”

  • Sugar Tracks

    Yellowish to dark brownish streaks that run throughout the wood

  • Mineral Streaks

    Streaks of color ranging from olive to blackish-brown typically following grain pattern

  • Gum Streaks

    Mineral-like streaks of color naturally occurring only in Cherry

  • Heartwood

    The mature, usually darker wood, extending from the sapwood to the center tissue

  • Sapwood

    Lighter colored parts that grow from inside the bark to the heartwood