What Are the Benefits of Performing a Kitchen Remodel to Your Home?

As a homeowner, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It’s the place for entertaining guests, socializing with friends and for gathering the family each mealtime. That’s why when something isn’t right with your space, it will naturally grate on you until it’s put right. 

Whether it’s an ill-thought-out layout, aging kitchen cabinets, or old appliances using up energy like there’s no tomorrow, it’s no wonder us Americans spend $400 billion each year on remodeling homes.  

But for those of you undecided about whether to take on something as far-reaching as a remodel, what are the benefits of doing so?

1. Increase in Home Valuation

Let’s face it, kitchens sell homes. A nice kitchen can make all the difference when it comes to selling, giving your property the all-important “wow” factor. In fact, remodeling a kitchen took up the top spots in both the “Appeal to Buyer” and “Added Value for Resale” categories in the latest National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report.

Which means not only do kitchen remodels increase the value of your property, they also interest buyers the most – increasing competition and further driving up your resale price. Therefore, it’s always a wise decision to spend your investment dollars on what is one of the visible rooms in your property.

Those of you tempted to skimp on cost and go for a surface-only remodel should know that comprehensive kitchen remodels provide the highest return on investment, with the highest performing returning 60%-80% of net spend. 

2. Enhanced Functionality

As we’ve already mentioned, kitchens are one of the most utilized spaces within any home. That’s why before you even think about remodeling you’ll already be aware of every pain point. Whether it’s the desperate need to fall in line with the rest of the street’s breakfast bar-style layout, or the need to centralize appliances spread way too far apart from each other, you’ll already have an idea on what you need to focus on.

Legacy kitchens are often reflective of their time of construction. By updating your kitchen to a modern layout, you can slash the time it takes to prep a meal, or dramatically transform its purpose. For example, turning a tight-knit galley-style kitchen into a huge open-plan entertaining space can both improve your cooking workflow and make conversations with guests or family members a cinch.

3. Reduction in Energy Expenditure and Increase in Sustainability

Older kitchens are usually peppered with inefficient appliances. Old gas cookers with uneven and unreliable heat, fridge-freezers burning through huge amounts of electricity 24 hours a day, and power-hungry built-in ovens that take unreasonably long times to cook food – the list goes on!      

Remodels give you the chance to update your selection of appliances to the latest models, which are both much more efficient and kind on your utility bills. They also provide you with an opportunity to use planet-friendly materials such as salvaged wood and bamboo, reducing the carbon footprint of your home. 

Lastly, LED spotlights offer the two-pronged benefit of providing incredibly versatile lighting whilst costing a lot less to run than their traditional counterparts. Making your kitchen kinder to the earth and your wallet simultaneously. 

4. Opportunity to Modernize and Protect the Future Value of Your Kitchen

Kitchens built just ten to fifteen years ago can often look totally out of place as we head in the 2020s. This is especially the case if the previous homeowner had an eccentric or acquired taste. Whilst you may be driven to remodel your kitchen in order to reap the benefits of improved functionality and efficiency, you should always have potential buyers in mind. A kitchen remodel gives you the chance to ensure your kitchen will look just as good in 20 years’ time as it does today.   

For example, marble was the most popular choice of countertop material for large parts of the 1990s and early 2000s, whereas now it’s being shunned by many kitchen designers because of their resource-intensive production. Homeowners need to take into consideration long-term modern design trends and how they will be viewed by potential suitors later down the line. By making smart choices with materials and colors, you can use your remodel to futureproof the centerpiece of your home for decades to come.

5. A Chance to Start Over

For some of you, a remodel provides an opportunity to not just transform your kitchen, but to start over and completely redesign the space as a whole. You have the chance to put in new windows that allow natural light to flood the space and make it feel bigger. You can make the room entirely open plan, have it revolve around a central island, or close off sections to house unsightly appliances. The choice is yours. 

By heading into a kitchen remodel with a blank canvas, you give yourself the greatest prospect of recouping the value of your outlay. You can completely alter the look and feel of your kitchen and dining area – skyrocketing its appeal to potential buyers. Not many other home renovation projects can give you the same scope to make a lasting impact on your home.

The Best Remodels Are Undertaken by Professionals

Here at CaliCabi, we know what it takes to create a jaw-dropping kitchen space that both increases the value of your home and makes preparing meals a breeze. As the figures have shown, the more far-reaching your changes are, the higher the potential pay-offs are. That’s why you need to call in the experts – changing a few cupboard doors and faucets by yourself just isn’t going to do it!     

From our initial consultation, you’ll find out why hundreds of other homeowners have trusted us with their Los Angeles kitchen remodeling projects. We genuinely take the time understand our clients’ needs, and always deliver exceptional craftsmanship. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded with an excellent reputation provided by our hundreds of satisfied customers. 

If you would like to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services, simply get in touch with a member of our team to find out how your kitchen can once again become a space you can be proud of.